“The Power of Yet,” is a mentorship program in its fourth year ran by SES Academic Coach Becky Carter and SES Guidance Counselor Tammy Williams.  According to Carter, “The name of the program came about because the word ‘yet’ maybe small, but there is a lot of power in these three letters when changing growth mindset.”

When speaking about the program, Carter says, “This program is designed to build mentoring relationships for our students who need to grow into the mindset that they have the power to make or change their future.  Students that have experienced academic success have always had a positive role model in their life.”

Carter spoke about the success the mentorship program had in their four years.  Carter said this most recent year, the students’ grades improved in both reading and math.

Carter said they are looking for mentors to spend a half hour, to an hour a week with an individual or a small group of students.  During this time, the mentors can each lunch with the student at SES, check on grades, or a number of other things to show the student that their mentor cares for the student.  Carter says, “Our main goal is to motivate these students through positive interactions with adults at school.”

SES Principal, Amy Boggus, says, "These students look forward to visiting with their mentors.   Over the year, you begin to see a change in the students.  It is great to see students start believing in themselves.”

If anyone is interested in being a mentor, please call SES at (386) 647-4400 or contact Becky Carter at (386) 647-4436.