About Us

Mission Statement

Suwannee County School Food Services serves the highest quality school meals, following the strictest food safety practices, providing students the nutrition necessary for success in the classroom while teaching them good eating habits that will promote a lifetime of good health.  We serve over 10,000 meals a day, serving breakfast, lunch and a snack to children who stay after school.  We take pride in our end product and continue to strive to create menus that our students love.

Meal Cost

All students who attend Suwannee County Schools enjoy nutritional meals at no cost due to the Community Eligibility Provision:

Please see the Community Eligibility Provision Fact Sheet.

Food Service Directory

Mike Braun, Director

(386) 647-4175

Jeff Lee, Assistant Coordinator

(386) 647-4176

Cindy Johnson, Administrative Secretary

(386) 647-4177

School Managers

Suwannee Riverside

Leona Ash (386) 647-4414

Suwannee Pineview

Melanie Rickett (386) 647-4308

Suwannee Springcrest

Becky Kirby (386) 647-4712

Suwannee Middle School

Pam Carver (386) 647-4510

Suwannee High School

Kim Choe (386) 647-4022

Branford Elementary School

Janice Lee (386) 935-6470

Branford High School

Reba Hurst (386) 647-5625